Transformational Learning Solutions    

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        Theodore Roosevelt said:

        "People don't care how much you know

        until they know how much you care." 

        Learning Solutions

        Helping organizations like yours to ...

        • Strengthen workplace relationships
        • Build ethical and effective leaders
        • Increase productivity and profitability
        • Accomplish change initiatives
        • Retain best-in-class staff members
        • Sustain a people-friendly workplace
        • Enhance customer and employee satisfaction
        • Align job performance with business goals
        • Improve interpersonal communications
        • Optimize your human capital return on investment
        • Develop strategies to achieve results
        • Build collaborative and effective teams

        You can rely on Working Relationships to craft seriously fun learning events. All our programs are either made-to-order, just for you, or are customized/upgraded to achieve your training and development goals.

        The educational programs we build are designed to engage active learner participation, maximize learning retention, appeal to a diversity of learning styles, align with on-the-job performance expectations, and contribute to the strategic and tactical objectives of your organization.

        When we accept an engagement with you, you can be sure you'll be working with a team of accomplished instructional designers and master training facilitators who have a reputation for developing and delivering exceptional learning experiences.  We believe this is due, in part, to the fact that our extensive stand-up facilitation experience informs our designs, and our diversity of design expertise informs our delivery.  Bottom line, the end result for you is programming that not only works in theory, but also in practice.

        Interpersonal Skills

        You can't get better than our team of learning professionals and subject-matter experts when it comes to developing people skills and interpersonal intelligence.  In addition to our mastery of instructional design and delivery techniques, our experiences in the school of hard knocks, formal education, and ongoing professional development enables us to offer an exceptional level of subject-matter expertise in:

        • Leadership, Management, and Supervision

        • Team Building and Consensus Building

        • Stakeholder and Customer/Client Service

        • Communication, Dispute Resolution, and Mediation

        • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

        • Responding to People and Situations that are Difficult

        • Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

        • Dealing with Feelings and Emotional Reactions in the Workplace

        • Transformation, Change, and Strength-Leveraging Strategies

        • Professional Development and Career Management

        • Organizational Development and Strategic Planning

        In addition to inviting us to design interpersonal intelligence programming for you, it is often to your advantage to engage us to the deliver these learning events for you. This is because we are not only masters of people-skills facilitation, but also because we are not enmeshed with your organization.  Consequently, we are more likely to be perceived as neutral experts with professional credibility that has not been contaminated or discounted by the ravishes of internal politics, alliances, and familiarity.

        Technical Skills

        When you engage us to design technical training for you, we not only bring our excellent design skills to the table, but we bring something more.  When it comes to designing technical training, we proudly offer our extensive technical ignorance (I'm not kidding) at no extra charge.

        Make no mistake, our stupidity is a boundless, cheep, and priceless commodity.  Why?  Because, for us, not knowing forces us to ask the questions your learners are likely to ask, and more.  Fortunately our ignorance is complimented by a healthy dose of curiosity and open-mindedness. In concert with each other, we leverage these skills to learn from you and your subject-matter experts, and then translate what know and what you do into fresh, effective, engaging, and enjoyable learning experiences for your staff members.

        Trust me, our approach works!!!  You don't need to contract with us to bring what you already have.  So we count on you to contribute the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that spell success for your business, and we add performance consulting, instructional design, and facilitation expertise to the mix.

        Some of the most popular and respected employers in the world have engaged us to develop learning programs for them in fields of endeavor we knew little or nothing about. Examples of topics we've developed into training (meeting and more often exceeding client expectations) include the content areas listed below.  Don't ask me to go into detail ... to keep my ignorance current, I have forced myself to forget.

        • Biotechnology, Microbiology, and other Sciences Stuff

        • Standard Operating Procedures for Manufacturing Biologics and Medical Devices

        • Work Scheduling and Safety Protocols

        • Techniques for Conducting Process and Quality Audits

        • Protocols for Stop-Ship, Purge, Recall, and Warnings

        • Process Mapping, Process Control, and Process Validation

        • Critical-to-Quality Parameters (CTQ) and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

        • Joint-Pole Administration

        • Utility Service Planning

        • Equipment Installation, Operation, and Performance

        • Environmental Monitoring, Gowning, and Clean Room Protocols

        • Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM)

        For many of these projects, we also designed and delivered trainer support services to help subject-matter experts and training staff prepare to facilitate the associated learning events.  In some circumstances we were engaged to co-facilitate workshops with client content experts.  We managed the learning process while our clients handled with the learning content.

        You'll end up owning the technical training and proprietary process documentation we create for you.  We'll never divulge your proprietary methods to anyone because, as alluded to before, once a project is completed, we'll wipe our brain cells clean (both of them!) for the next engagement.  Oh, yeah, and also because we're ethical and keep our promises!