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More than you Wanna Know about Working Relationships

Working Relationships collaborates with an impressive and creative consortium of independent consultants who are seasoned professionals, subject-matter experts, and accomplished practitioners in their respective fields of endeavor.  Each has earned an excellent reputation based on a proven track record of success.  Most have been visible leaders in local, national, and international professional organizations. All have earned the respect of their peers and the confidence of their clients by going the extra mile to achieve excellence.

Over the years, we have established flexible working relationships (no pun intended ... well ok, maybe a little intended ) that enable us to work independently or collaboratively, as the project requires.  Formal education, coupled with lots of experience in the school of hard knocks, enable us to implement learning solutions that are sound in theory and effective in practice.

If you wish, we will take the lead and guide your project to a successful conclusion.  We are equally willing to work behind the scenes to ghost write collateral materials, train trainers, coach coaches, consult with consultants, mentor/support staff members, and engage stakeholders.  Simply put, we've got your back!