Online 3D Virtual World Learning

Our Virtual World Headquarters . . .

Working Relationships Training Town is our virtual distance learning facility that is literally outta this world! Its located on a private digital island called "Los Arboles" in the 3D virtual world known as Second Life ® ('SL'), a persistent user-created online community conceived of and hosted by Linden Labs. 

Managed by our own Chief learning Avatar, Deb Quintessa,
Working Relationships Training Town plays host to synchronous and asynchronous distance and blended world learning events and meetings.

If you already have an SL avatar, click the SL logo below to log-in directly to our Orientation Express Training Station.

If you don't already have an SL avatar, click on the PDF symbol below for the step-by-step instructions we've prepared for you entitled: "How to Start Your Second Life."

Say 'hello' to Deb Quintessa 'in-world' or send her an email at (yes, she has her own email account) if you would like to arrange for help with the basic skills of virtual living.

Deb Quintessa, Chief Learning Avatar
Working Relationships Training Town

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