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  • 'Boot Camp' is designed to help you advance your success as a classroom trainer. In this highly interactive learning event you will:

    1. Inventory your current strengths and design a personalized development plan that will guide you as you take your instructor-led classroom-based training skills to the next level
    3. Describe presenting, training, facilitating, and learning
    5. Apply principles of adult learning theory
    7. Consider strategies for adapting one-size-fits-all training designs to one-size-does-not-fit-all learners
    9. Identify the ten elements required for learning success
    11. Give/get feedback as you showcase your strengths and experiment with techniques that may be new to you
    13. Describe best practices for creating/sustaining an environment conducive for learning
    15. Compare/contrast methodologies well suited for developing technical skills versus those best suited for building interpersonal skills
    17. Select training methods to maximize learning retention
    19. Write performance-based learning objectives
    21. Practice techniques effective for a diversity of learning-style preferences
    23. Apply basic instructional systems design principles to develop learning events
    25. Prepare and deliver instructor-led classroom training that aligns with learning objectives
    27. Consider issues to consider when balancing design integrity with trainer creativity
    29. Describe five ways to evaluate training success
    31. Demonstrate classroom facilitation and management techniques
    33. Develop strategies to respond to learners and circumstances that are challenging
    35. Use a course management system and social networking to leverage learning

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Debbie Newman
Be sure to update/complete your profile
by Debbie Newman, Chief People Person - Wednesday, 9 February 2011, 04:27 AM
The information you include in your Moodle profile will be available only to your fellow classmates, alumni, and your facilitator. Please make use of this system to introduce yourself and build your visibility with your colleagues!!!
Debbie Newman
Moodle Messaging Is Available to You
by Debbie Newman, Chief People Person - Tuesday, 23 February 2010, 08:44 AM

A sidebar block called 'MESSAGES' is available for your use.

  • You can 'TURN ON' email messages which will enable Moodle messages to automatically forward to your designated email address without the need to log in to the Moodle site.
  • You can MANAGE your in-Moodle Contact list
  • You can SEARCH messages according to people and keywords

I hope this adds to a positive Moodle experience for you.

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