Coaching and Therapy FAQs

Will my sessions with you be confidential?  What are my rights?

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the laws of the State of California consider me to be a mandated reporter.  That means I am required by law to break confidence to (1) report suspected child abuse, dependent adult abuse, and elder abuse; and (2) to report threats of harm towards others.  The law also permits me to break confidence to provide for your safety -- for example, in the event you become suicidal.

With those exceptions, unless otherwise required by law (ex. court order, Patriot Act, etc.), I will safeguard the confidentiality of our work together and will not release information about your therapy, including whether or not you are a client, unless you specifically instruct me, in writing, to disclose that information.

In coaching engagements, while I will do my best to adhere to these same standards of confidentiality that apply to me as a therapist, it is important for you to know that are no privacy protections for coach/client relationships that resemble the privilege to protect certain communications that exist in therapist/client relationships, attorney/client relationships, and doctor/patient relationships.  Also, in situations where your coaching services have been procured for you by a third-party stakeholder (like your employer), some disclosures may be required as a condition of the coaching agreement.

We will discuss the limits of confidentiality at our first meeting so you will can be an informed consumer of the services I offer and so you can determine whether your privacy will be protected to your satisfaction.

Client Rights ...

  • You have the right to receive respectful treatment which will be helpful to you.
  • You are entitled to a safe environment, free from sexual, physical and emotional abuse.
  • You may always refuse to answer questions and refuse to disclose information you choose not to discuss.
  • You are entitled to know the limits of confidentiality and the circumstances when I am required to disclose information to others.
  • You have the right to ask questions about your therapy/coaching.
  • You have the right to discontinue therapy/coaching when you choose.

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