Confidential Communications

Things to Consider Before You Attempt to

Text, Tweet, Friend, Like, or Link Me!

Privacy is a cornerstone of therapist/client and coach/client relationships. Therefore, it is important for you to consider the following information when choosing how to get in touch with me between sessions.

  • Text messaging (SMS), unencrypted e-mail, social networking sites (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInŽ, Second LifeŽ, etc.), and other emerging technologies are not considered to be secure communication tools. Consequently, using unsecured technologies like these can pose a risk to your privacy and leave you vulnerable to unknown or unwanted others who may find ways to eves drop or access the data on the unsecured servers of host companies.

  • I DO NOT MONITOR tweets, @replies, wall postings, or status updates with enough frequency or regularity for you to depend on these methods to get in touch with me -- certainly not for time-sensitive, content-sensitive, or emergency situations.

  • I DO NOT ACCEPT invitations to link, friend requests, or public endorsements from current or past therapy clients. This is absolutely not because I value therapy clients differently than other clients; but only because the terms of the therapist/client relationship entitles the client to greater care and attention from me to protect privacy.  Social networking opens up a whole host of potential risks and awkward situations that could ultimately compromise your privacy; consequently, I don't engage with my therapy clients in this way.  (If you have concerns or questions about this, just ask me.)

  • While there are links to social networking tools/services on this website, you should know that I use them ONLY as a means to increase the visibility and promote the products and services of Working Relationships. These links are not intended to tempt you into using them to communicate with me.

The best way to reach me between appointments is to call me at 818.385.0550, the second best way is to send a direct email to me at DNewman@WorkingRelationships.BIZ.  I recommend you keep the content of your messages to administrative issues only.  Please reserve details about personal matters for a time when we can speak directly.  If we should agree to correspond via email about sensitive or private matters, I will set up a secure/encrypted email account for your use.


I take the sensitivity and confidentiality of the therapist/client relationship (and all relationships) very seriously. Again, these boundaries are in place for no other reason than to do what I feel I should do to respect and protect your privacy when you engage me to be your therapist.